• 10ft x 2.5ft Stainless Concession Grease Hood 4in Front NSF

    $4,000.00 $2,900.00

    Please note: local ordinances may require additional accessories to meet fire and safety codes. Check with local code departments before purchasing. Please call us directly with more questions about necessary accessories.

    Please note that these are manufactured to order. They are usually manufactured and shipped out within 10 Business days. Delivery times vary depending on your location. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    This is NOT the entire Hood System that you would need. This is only for the major components as they apply to NFPA 96 Codes. Please check with your local code department for specific items that you will need.

    This hood is 10ft wide, 2 1/2ft deep, and slopes from 2ft tall at the back to 4in at the Front. Best for most wall mount commercial hood applications. For use in medium to heavy cooking environments. The grease cup and aluminum filters are included and other accessories are available (please see Recommended Accessories just below).
    Per the Manufacturer, this hood would require 2300 to 2600 CFM if at least one side is against a wall.

  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
    They are Superior to others in that they are made of 100% Stainless Steel, not just what is seen. Unlike those that are made of Stainless Steel ("where exposed") and Galvanized Metal, these will stand the test of time and regular cleaning.

  • Shallow Front Design
    They feature the shallow front design (4 inches!) so that they can be used where low ceilings are present, especially in Concession Trailers or Trucks (and the taller cooks and chefs will not have to worry about banging their heads) but the hood still drops down closer to the cooking surfaces in the back. This allows even more of the fumes and grease-ladened vapors to be pulled out of the building. 

  • Larger, 20 inch high Filters
    The filters in the hood are standard 20-inch high as opposed to 16-inch high. This provides more filtering surface and therefore is more efficient and quieter to operate. 

    This hood is brand new, shipped directly from the manufacturer. The above picture is representative of the style of hood and is from the same manufacturer. If you are in need of an exhaust fan to accompany this hood, lights, or other accessories, look at the Related Items.

  • Weight:400 lbs.
    Width:120 in.
    Depth:30 in.
    Height:24 in.